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60-100gsm nonwoven fabric to make shopping bag

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2016-04-26 17:48:46

China Nonwoven Fabric Sunshine Nonwoven fabric Manufacturers

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2016-05-09 17:51:09

90g black 100% polypropylene weed membrane fabric

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50g table runner manufacturers packing in carton fabric

50g 1mX1m table runner manufacturers

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25gsm 100% PP Meltblown Non-woven Fabric BFE/PFE99%
2021-12-20 09:07:36

25gsm 100% PP Meltblown Non-woven Fabric BFE/PFE99%.

1. Fabric function

Meltblown non-woven fabric is a kind of ultra-fine fiber non-woven fabric, which is stretched by strong hot air. The fiber diameter is about 2 microns, which is the thinnest of all fibers.

Meltblown nonwovens have good water resistance and air permeability due to its special structure and raw materials of polypropylene, and have high filtration efficiency. It integrates the functions of bacteria isolation, virus filtration, heat insulation, warmth, heat preservation, non-toxic, non-irritating and other functions. Generally used in filter material, oil absorption material, sanitary material and other fields.

Product name: Meltblown non-woven fabric

Material: 100% polypropylene

Weight: 20G-40G

Width: 175mm / 260mm

Uses: medical health

MOQ: 500KG

BFE/PFE: 95+/99+

2. Detailed images:

After production, storage and packaging are also important to maintain high BFE and PFE efficiency. During the transportation of goods, high temperature and humidity should be avoided. High temperature and humidity, which will reduce the efficiency of BFE and PFE.

3. FAQ

Q1: Do you have a test report?

A: Our factory has a testing machine. If the customer needs a third-party certificate, we can also provide it.

Q2: Are you a factory or a trading company?

A: We are a factory and offer competitive prices.

Q3: What is your payment method?

A: We usually accept T/T, L/C, Western Union or cash payment.

Q4: What is the minimum order quantity for your products?

A: The minimum order quantity is 500 kg.

Q5: Can I get samples before ordering?

A: Yes, we can provide free samples. Welcome to contact us.

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