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china factory shopping bag

2016-01-30 11:18:55

60-100gsm nonwoven fabric to make shopping bag

100% polypropylene fabric making bags

 Nonwoven fabric Manufacturers

2016-04-26 17:48:46

China Nonwoven Fabric Sunshine Nonwoven fabric Manufacturers

9-250gsm virgin pp nonwoven fabric

weed membrane

2016-05-09 17:51:09

90g black 100% polypropylene weed membrane fabric

90g  1m*15m  weed membrane fabric

table runner manufacturers

2016-05-09 11:43:32

50g table runner manufacturers packing in carton fabric

50g 1mX1m table runner manufacturers

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Weight and thickness standards for non-woven fabrics
2023-04-28 17:23:10

Different types of products in the non-woven fabric industry usually have corresponding standard requirements for weight and thickness. To ensure that the products meet the specified quality requirements and avoid the occurrence of non compliant weight and thickness issues in non-woven fabric products!

The weight and thickness of non-woven fabrics must comply with industry standards. Generally speaking, the weight range of non-woven fabrics is (10g~150g), and the thickness is (0.09mm~1.2mm). The larger the weight, the thicker the thickness of non-woven fabric products.

Non woven fabric

Before shipping non-woven fabrics, strict quality testing must be carried out to ensure that the non-woven fabric products meet the industry's prescribed weight and thickness standards. Non woven fabric products that do not meet the quality standards should be resolutely rejected to ensure product quality.

The number of grams is used to calculate the thickness of non-woven fabrics, and grams refer to the square gram weight, which is g/ . 

Weight and thickness standards

9-180gsm nonwoven

Why not use millimeters? In fact, millimeters are also useful, but they are rarely used. This is an industry rule. In fact, the square gram weight can be equivalent to millimeters in thickness, as the weight of non-woven fabrics ranges from 10g/㎡ to 320g/㎡.

Non woven fabric

We are one of the leading manufacturers of 100%PP SPUNBOND /SS/SSS/SMS/SMMS NON WOVEN FABRIC based in China .
Capacity 1800TON/Month. Can meet your all request and give you fast delivery . 

Weight and thickness standards9-180gsm nonwoven

Our products include:
1.New embossed nonwoven fabric
2.Non woven bag
3.Non woven tablecloths
4.Agricultural gardening non woven fabric
5.Hygine and Medical fabric ect.
Have many feature such asprinted, UV, perforated, non-slip, laminated, fire resistant, hydrophilic,hydropholic ect.

Are you interested in our nonwoven fabric?  
Could you advise your request details ( Usage, GSM, Width, Color etc)? so that we can offer our best prices for you.
Looking forward to your kind reply. 


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