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china factory shopping bag

2016-01-30 11:18:55

60-100gsm nonwoven fabric to make shopping bag

100% polypropylene fabric making bags

 Nonwoven fabric Manufacturers

2016-04-26 17:48:46

China Nonwoven Fabric Sunshine Nonwoven fabric Manufacturers

9-250gsm virgin pp nonwoven fabric

weed membrane

2016-05-09 17:51:09

90g black 100% polypropylene weed membrane fabric

90g  1m*15m  weed membrane fabric

table runner manufacturers

2016-05-09 11:43:32

50g table runner manufacturers packing in carton fabric

50g 1mX1m table runner manufacturers

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What is SMS/SMMS/SSMMS nonwoven fabric ?
2020-02-05 10:54:45
SMMS is a three anti medical nonwoven,It is can be used for medical masks, medical protective clothing, medical caps, bed sheet etc.

The technic is Spunbond+Meltblown+Meltblown+Spunbond.

Feature of SMMS nonwoven fabric :

1. Light weight: as the material is 100%polypropylene, makes the fabric good hand touch
2. Soft:The technic is SPUNBONDED , this technic makes nonwoven fabric soft &comfortable
3. Hydrophobic and breathability: good air permeability, easy to keep the cloth dry and easy to wash;
4. Non-toxic and non-irritating: The product is produced according to FDA food-grade raw materials, without any chemical ingredients,with stable performance, non-toxic, non-odor, and save for skin;
5. Antibacterial: Polypropylene is a chemically blunt substance, which does not worm, and can isolate the erosion of bacteria and insects in the liquid; antibacterial, alkali corrosion, and finished products do not affect the strength due to erosion;

The product is water-extracting, not moldy, and can isolate the erosion of bacteria and insects in the liquid.

Following is the hot sale spc :
SMMS nonwoven fabric (4 layers)
Color : White /Blue /Green
Weight : 13gsm/25gsm/40gsm/50gsm
Length: 1000-3000m/roll

Main usage:Medical product

We also can make as per customer request ,such as: SMS/SSMMS/SSS also used for baby diaper.

If you have any interested in or want to get more details ,please just come to me !

Contact : Ms.Elly Chen

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