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2016-01-30 11:18:55

60-100gsm nonwoven fabric to make shopping bag

100% polypropylene fabric making bags

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2016-04-26 17:48:46

China Nonwoven Fabric Sunshine Nonwoven fabric Manufacturers

9-250gsm virgin pp nonwoven fabric

weed membrane

2016-05-09 17:51:09

90g black 100% polypropylene weed membrane fabric

90g  1m*15m  weed membrane fabric

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2016-05-09 11:43:32

50g table runner manufacturers packing in carton fabric

50g 1mX1m table runner manufacturers

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what is Anti-aging /UV non-woven fabric?
2020-02-05 14:34:36

           what is Anti-aging /UV non-woven fabric?

The 100% PP non woven fabric adopting new anti-aging PP, it has high UV and anti-aging properties. After directly adding raw materials, it can effectively prevent the surface of polypropylene non-woven fabric from darkening due to material aging.

Pp Nonwoven fabric anti-UV range can be 1% -5%, the anti-aging period can be under the sunshine environment. for 1 -2 years.

Anti-uv nonwoven fabrics Mainly used for agricultural cover / greening / fruit cover /weed control

  Non-woven fabrics have many different grams( thickness)  and different functions of protection, heat preservation, and penetration (avoidance) of light.

Spunbond nonwoven fabric has good toughness, soft hand feeling, large air permeability, high waterproof and good strength.


(1) Industrial --- table cloth, berm cloth, waterproof coil cloth, filter material; sofa; mattress

(2) Shoe Leather-Shoe Leather Interlining, Shoe Bag, Shoe Cover, Composite Materials;

(3) Agricultural usecrops cover and greenhouse;

(4) Medical -protective clothing, surgical clothing, masks, medical caps, hospital bed sheets, pillowcases, etc .

(5) Packaging --- composite bag, storage bag, garment bag, shopping bag, gift bag, luggage

Following is the hot sale spc :

Anti-UV nonwoven fabric

Color : Black

Weight :60gsm-90gsm


Length: 200m/roll

Main usage:weed control

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